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Introducing the Pillars 90-Day Transition Plan

The 90 day plan allows newly promoted leaders to transition into their new role in a quick and efficient manner which will allow them to:

Maximize productivity in a shorter amount of time.

Simplify an integration that is built on a solid foundation.

Allow the new leader to quickly and efficiently set goals and objectives aligned to the organization’s needs.

Investing in your most valuable asset means that you will improve
productivity and employee retention, strengthen your competitive edge and gain a significant return on investment.

Who is the 90-Day Transition Plan for?

Employees moving into a leadership or supervisory role.

90 Day Transition Plan for newly promoted leaders and managersThe Pillars 90-Day Transition Plan provides a series of valuable tools to professionals who are moving into a leadership role or who are already in a leadership role and want to enhance their skills. By adopting effective strategies, professionals will be equipped to improve productivity and achieve success much more quickly following their integration.

The 90-Day Transition Plan will ensure an integration process that is smoother and more effective for the leader, the team and the company. It includes a comprehensive plan that provides the leader with an opportunity to discover his or her strengths and how to use those strengths to increase performance and ultimately reach the goals of the company. 
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