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Change Leadership: Collaborative Learning Forums

In todays ever evolving world and environment it is critical for organizations to be able to capitalize on change and continually innovate and grow. How agile is your organization?  How would you assess your abil ity to lead change? What kind of change lead er are you?


Why do you need to be a strong leader of change? Because 75-80% of change initiatives fail and one of the main reasons is lack of executive sponsorship and clear leadership throughout the change process. People are the key to a successful organizational transformation and leaders must be able to lead them through the transition.


Why collaborative learning?  Collaborative learning is based on the premise of bringing together a group of people who would like to capitalize on each others resources, experience and skills; as well as to tap into the experience and knowledge of the change expert facilitator.


In this 6 week collabo rative learning workshop participants bring a concrete change project to work on and tap into the resources and knowledge of all group members.  Each session is led by an experie nced change faci litator who will introduce to partici pants a variety of tools and change concepts with which the group will be able to practice and share ideas.


The Objectives: 


·        You will become more knowledgeable of change methodologies, frameworks and processes that you can apply to your present day and future projects

·        Actively apply the learning to real life contexts and work through your existing situation.

·        Tap into the knowledge, experience and input of all group members



“I can honestly say that without the teachings and tools learned during the change leadership forums at the Pillars, my approach and execution towards changing the operational shift structure in our company would have failed.  Thank you Caroline and the Pillars for helping me be better prepared during this major undertaking!” 

Nick Fragassi , Vice-President Operations  

Innotech Aviation  


Benefits and Outcomes: 


·         Lead your organisation through change initiatives with success the first time around (be amongst the 20% who run successful change initiatives)


·        Solid knowledge base and understanding of change principles, frameworks and methods

·         Better understanding of self as a leader of change

·         Solid plan and strategy for moving your organization through change

·         Maximize your resources and keep costs down by doing change right the first time


·         Leverage the knowledge and experience of other Leaders and Change Professionals


·         Create a change agile culture in your organization


Format of sessions will be round table discussions, role playing, case studies, and various hands-on methodologies


Who should attend: Anyone in a leadership role that needs to successfully set-up, guide and lead their organization through any type of change initiative (e.g. restructuring, growth, new vision, merger, etc) the first time around.


Format: 2 hours (TBA) every two weeks for a total of 6 sessions. On the off week you are paired with another participant to act as peer coaches to each other.


Investment: Contact us to find out the investment required for your next collaborative learning session. 

Date:            Enquire for upcoming dates.


Time:             TBA


Location:   To be advised.




To register:     email caroline@thepillars .ca or 514-505 -3067