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Change Management

Change is often one of the most stressful things that we encounter in our lives and this also stands true for organizational change. It would be unwise to think that an organization can implement and manage a change process without needing to tend to the transition that all people involved will experience and be somewhat challenged by. A comprehensive change strategy will encompass and integrate a solid transition plan.

Our change toolkit is based on models and processes that are grounded in whole systems thinking and the ones we implement will depend on the nature of the change initiative and the needs of the organization.

Change Management Consulting for Montreal and OttawaOur guiding principles around change initiatives are founded on the following beliefs 

Communication must be open and transparent.  

Involvement of all key stakeholders. 

A clear understanding of the preferred future and the drivers of the change.  

Coaching and support of people throughout the process.  

Alignment and commitment from the leadership team.  

The organizational culture must be ready and capable of supporting and sustaining the change at hand.









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