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A facilitator will work with you and your team to find solutions in situations that require a neutral and objective perspective. As facilitators, we will design a process that will allow all employees involved to participate, rather than assigning one main resource person the taxing dual role of managing the change process while actively participating in its progression.

Bilingual Meeting and Group Facilitation | Bilingual FacilitatorsA facilitator comes with an unbiased perspective, allowing the process to flow smoothly, ensuring that all voices are heard and that the meeting or event does not deviate from the targeted objective.

An independent facilitator can add value and productivity in the following situations and events: 

Strategic planning

Building consensus

Solving problems with innovative ideas and allowing a team to have new open dialogue, rather than reiterating the same discussions.

Develop new and creative strategies

Assess and understand the group’s dynamics

Manage conflict more productively

Goal setting meetings

Yearly review meetings



Change initiatives

A professional facilitator will be able to manage the process and dynamics of the group, allowing the participants to focus solely on the task or issue at hand.

The Pillars brings many years of experience in facilitation and will establish, in collaboration with you, a process that will allow long-term success and more productive, efficient functioning.