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Performance Management

Success in the current competitive environment requires that today’s leaders must maximize the human potential within their organization. We base the process from the vision and values of the organization and a clearly defined organizational structure.

At its foundation, the creation of job profiles and the roles and responsibilities need to be in line with the objectives of the organization to ensure its success.

Once these profiles are defined, selecting the best talent becomes a more focused exercise in matching the individual to the role.

There are four components to The Pillars Performance Management System:

Performance Management Tools for HR Departments in Montreal and OttawaThe Pillars facilitate the conversation with the leaders to identify and define a position based on the strategic component as well as the day to day operations.

The tools used in this process have a very high validation and reliability standard. The importance of using these tools lie in the fact they are legally defensible in a court of law for recruiting and selection because they compare the individuals to a specific JOB and not to another individual. 

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