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The Pillars custom design organizational learning programs based on your organizations’ needs.Is your organization looking to build, design and deliver its own learning programs that are custom designed to the needs of your people?

The Pillars bases all of its learning programs on progressive models (such as Bloom’s taxonomy) where the learner starts from the appropriate place and moves up as knowledge is built.

Much like a University model that is built on 100, 200, and 300 level courses; The Pillars build learning programs in the same way. Our honours program brings the learner to a mastery level. 

At the 100 level we aim tobuild knowledge of major ideas, observation, and recall of information. 

At the 200 level we aim to understand information , grasp meaning and translate knowledge into new context. 

At the 300 level we aim to use information, use methods, concepts, theories in new situations and solve problems using required skills.  

At the honours level we aim to see patterns, recognize hidden meanings, relate meaning from different areas and draw conclusions as to new applications . 

Through applied and on-going coaching we help the learner solidify and make concrete all the knowledge that has been taught throughout the program. Coaching is a critical piece in the process of making learning stick for the long-term.

The Pillars believe in integrated and strategic training that is aligned to both the organization’s goals and the individual’s development plan.

We build our training programs on the fundamental premises of adult learning and experiential learning principles.

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