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Your Organizational Development Team

Organizational Development Team Serving Montreal and Ottawa

A dedicated group of professionals focused on increasing organizational effectiveness. Each team member uses their core strengths and adds tremendous value to our clients.

Our team collectively has many talents and competencies.  We have several certified coaches that are members of the ICF (International Coach Federation).

Organizational Change

Change Management Montreal - Caroline Samne - The PillarsAs a facilitator and agent of change, Caroline designs, develops and implements change strategies that are successful the first time around. Caroline believes that successful change in organizations is largely based on the ability to understand the human and organizational dynamics that encompass the organization.  Being able to adapt and thrive in times of change is no longer an option but a key need in today’s world.   Continue . . .


Strategic Talent Selection and Development

Corporate Talent Management - Anne Pertus - The PillarsAnne Pertus is the co-founder of The Pillars a Montreal based management consulting firm which specializes in organizational development; specifically in the development of human capital, talent management, change management and organizational learning.

Anne Pertus is an expert at strategically matching the right people to the right job, and ensuring their professional success. A fluently bilingual, certified trainer and experienced coach in team communication and leadership, she also helps managers and teams open up the lines of communication, improving productivity. Continue

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching MontrealJames Beatty Hunter is a specialist in leadership and leadership development, working with individuals and organizations to advance their leadership learning needs and goals.

He is a coach, consultant, and teacher.  He has worked in leadership development and management consultancy in the media, telecommunications, real estate, civil aviation, and education industries.   Continue . . .