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Human Resources - Partner for your Success

We provide assistance for many different situations:

You are a small company and you do your own HR?  We can free you up, and take care of employee related issues are well as give you the tools you need to operate optimally.

You are a larger company and have an HR advisor?  We can assist them in the development of different programs and also guide them with our depth of HR experience.

You are a larger company and have a human resources team?  We can help you with the optimization of your HR department and help you align your HR strategies with your business plan. 

Our human resources division offers a customized approach for your business, taking into account your reality and issues.  Our main objective is to save you time by introducing management practices that will help you focus on business priorities while enhancing your human capital and optimizing your resources.
Are you concerned by any of the following situations? We have the expertise and the solutions for you!

  1. Tired of losing employees?
  2. Need time to effectively manage your employee files?
  3. Need to enhance employee performance?
  4. Is your absenteeism rate high?
  5. Would you like to validate an answer to a question related to human resources?
  6. Are you growing without HR support?
  7. How much is it costing you to hire a new employee?
  8. Would you like to have better employee productivity?
  9. Is it difficult to manage conflict situations between employees?
  10. Do you have HR policies to guide your supervisors and employees?
  11. Your managers lack of experience and managerial courage?
  12. Would you like to have a flexible work program in your company?
  13. Do you want to optimize your HR Department?
  14. Is your HR advisor too transactional and not strategic enough?
  15. Do you have difficulty attracting talent from your competitors?

The three phases of our HR offering:

Our approach is divided into three phases which are interdependent and meet the reality of each company. 

 Three Stages of Human Resources

Three Stages of Human Resources

Human Resources Foundation 

In every organization we need both the transactional and operational side of human resources. Building this HR Foundation enables a functional structure to meet your immediate needs.

  • HR Policies and Procedures
  • HR Administration
  • Labour Relations
  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding


The company consists of employees who have expectations of them and vice versa.  How can we meet these mutual expectations while having an impact on productivity, financial performance and employee satisfaction?

Based on several studies and reflections we have identified the following HR topics that respond well to today’s reality of the different generations and the business requirements of the market to stand out from the competition:

  • Attraction & Retention
  • Performance Management
  • Learning and Development
  • Talent Management
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • HR Programs

Did you know that increased HR functional effectiveness improves the likelihood of exceeding business unit profitability by 9% (Corporate Leadership Council 2007)

Human Resources Optimisation

In order to optimize your human resources you need a strong foundation which will allow you to create the conditions for optimal performance from your employees.  We focus on the following six streams:

  • HR Metrics
  • HR Risk and Compliance
  • Organizational Design
  • HR Service Delivery Model
  • HR for HR

Human Resources Strategy

The HR strategy enables the business to meet their business objectives by providing HR priorities that are aligned with the business strategy.

HR needs to take ownership of the business objectives in order to partner in improving company performance. HR must work jointly with the business to enable employees to meet their objectives. We have developed a straight forward process to ensure the alignment of HR strategy with the business strategy.

HR Strategy Process

Human Resources Strategy Process


HR Policies and Procedures

HR Policies allow us to create a framework by which to apply rules, guidelines and the ways of doing business. They allow for equity and a common understanding of expectations and desired behaviours based on the company's values.

Human Resources Administration

We can help you manage terminations, creation of employment contracts, support you during lay-offs, dismissals and all other administrative tasks related to HR.

Labour Relations

Whether you have conflict situations between employees or inappropriate behaviours, we will support you by introducing the following processes:

  • Disciplinary Process
  • Conflict Management
  • Formal Complaint Process
  • Employee and Supervisor Counselling


You want to recruit the right employee for the right position? We have the tools to facilitate the process.

  • Job Description
  • Job Profile
  • Accountabilities and Objectives
  • Workforce Planning
  • Selection and Hiring


Onboarding is critical for new employees.  They need to be guided and oriented, that’s why we offer the following services to support you:

  • Employee Manual
  • Integration Process
  • New Employee
  • New to Role
  • New as Supervisor
  • Welcoming Package
  • Relocation Package

Attraction & Retention

Attracting, retaining and developing best talent is a top priority for all companies.   In order to differentiate yourselves from your competitors we can develop a recruitment strategy that will distinguish you as an employer of choice.

They are many retention strategies on the market; it all depends of your workforce, your competition and your employee salary strategy. We will analyze with you the various critical criteria necessary for a successful retention strategy that represents your business reality.

Performance Management

We want our clients to reach their business goals, to achieve that, we offer the following programs related to performance management:

  • Competency Approach
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Management Coaching
  • Feedback 360°

Learning and Development

Employee development is a key to creating committed and high performing employees.  Above all, yourmanager plays a critical role in employee development. We can offer you tailored training, leadership programs and strategies to build an overall culture of development.

Talent Management

The war for talent is here to stay. Therefore, you need to have a robust succession planning program that includes the following elements:

  • Career Path
  • High Potentials Strategy
  • Career Planning Program
  • Assessment of  HPs (high potential)
  • HPs professional development

Rewards and Recognition

Recognition programs increase the satisfaction of employees and motivate them to exceed expectations.  You wish to establish a culture of recognition, a years of service recognition program, we have the expertise to create and implement such initiatives.

HR Programs

There are different HR programs which allow us to increase the commitment and satisfaction of your employees.  We have implemented the following:

  • Work, Life Balance
  • Mentoring Program
  • Wellness Program
  • Employee Referal Program

HR Metrics

When you want to optimize HR, it is important to have metrics and performance indicators.  The HR dashboard is the tool that enables senior management to see the financial impact of HR.

You are looking for an expert who can guide you and develop a dashboard; we have the resource for you!

HR Risks and Compliance

What will you do if . . . 

  • The payroll is not processed?
  • Someone gets hurt?
  • Evacuation of your offices takes place?
  • You have a complaint about the use of the English language in your office.

We can guide you to prepare yourself for the unexpected by making a mitigation plan and identifying the risks inherent in your business.

Organizational Design

Organizational design is the development of a company structure that allows for the implementation of strategies that ensure organizational efficiency and operational performance.

HR Service Delivery Model

Emerging technology and evolving business requirements have put to question traditional HR business models.  New trends have caused HR leaders to reflect upon their efficiency and effectiveness.  If you would like to review your business model we can assist you in this transformation initiative.

HR for HR

We have a team of senior consultants who have over 25 years of HR experience and who will be pleased to answer questions from members of your HR team. We can also coach and develop them by transferring our know-how.

Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

We can contribute to the business requirements analysis, the management of change and the training required in the selection and implementation of SAP (Success Factors) and VIP (DLGL).  Our HR team has experience with both systems.






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